Georgia is a country that is considered an intersection between Asia and Europe. It is the former Soviet Republic and is famous for the Caucasus Mountains and Black Sea beaches. Georgia is known for its heritage sites, snowy mountains, nature, and wine.
Tbilisi is the capital of Georgia and the countries surrounded by Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia, and Turkey. Georgia is a developing country with middle income and stands 70th on the Human Development Index. The economy of Georgia is mainly dependent on Agriculture.

About Georgia

  • Education

Georgia offers free education to its citizens from the age of 6 to 16. The education system is divided as Elementary – from the age of 6 -15, Secondary- age of 16 -18. Higher education can be defined as specialties such as Arts, Science, and technology, etc. or Technical knowledge in Railways, chemicals, and food technology, winemaking.

Apart from this, the student can also take up Vocational courses and gain diploma degrees or tertiary education, which includes bachelor’s, masters, and doctorate courses.

Georgia ranks 51st among literate countries in the world. Georgia recognizes the importance of education and is striving hard to increase its literacy rate.

  • Religion and Languages

The majority of the population in Georgia belongs to Georgian orthodox, Russian orthodox, and Armenian Apolistic. Apart from these, people also belong to the Muslim community ad Catholics.

The official language of Georgia is Georgian and is said to be one of the oldest languages in the world and belongs to the South Caucus language. People also speak Russian in Georgia and use English as a medium of communication.

Why MBBS in Georgia

Georgia is considered the best destination for pursuing MBBS by many students who want to continue their MBBS in abroad or foreign country. The admission process is simple and straightforward; there is no entrance exam for getting admission into any of the colleges in Georgia. A student can get admission based on his/her 12th standard grades.

The fee is not high and affordable by everyone. All the universities are recognized by MCI and WHO, which are the two most renowned medical organizations in the world. It helps students to get a job anywhere in the world after successful completion of their course, or they can apply for higher studies in any of the colleges worldwide.

The professors are well qualified and well experienced in their field and are always there to guide the students.

The cost of living and tuition fees are affordable and very low. Students also get stipend once they start an internship in any of the renowned hospitals or clinics. It gives them better exposure of the subject and prepares them for practical situations.

University Grades for MBBS in Georgia

Secondary and higher educational institutions follow a five-point grading system in Georgia. Where 5 is the highest, 3 means pass, and 1 is to fail.

The scenario of MBBS in Georgia

The medical universities in Georgia offer high-quality education at an affordable cost. The colleges are well equipped with all the modern facilities. MCI and WHO globally recognize the colleges, and the degree acquired is accepted anywhere in the world. A student gets a chance to do an internship in any of the hospitals or clinics, where they gain practical and theoretical experience.

After which the student can set up practice there or anywhere in the world. Students get a chance to participate in seminars and conferences and get more exposure on the subject.

The students are also eligible for student loans. The universities prepare students for theory and practical’s, which make them experts in their field. Financial assistance and scholarships are available for deserving students.

Scholarships for MBBS in the best Medical Colleges of Georgia

The government offers scholarships to students who are doing well academically. However, the government of Georgia provides a significant amount for medical education every year. Students also get stipends based on their performances.

Medical Syllabus in Georgia

The duration of MBBS in Georgia is of six years, which includes 2.5 years of basic medicine, 2.5 years of clinical science, and one year of specialization.

The subjects include Anatomy, Bio-Chemistry, Physiology, Pathology, Path physiology, Microbiology, etc. The clinical subjects include Gynecology, oncology, General medicine, Neurology, ENT, etc.

Fee Structure of Top-Ranked MBBS Institutes in Georgia

The fee structure is quite friendly in Georgia. The fee varies anywhere between $4000 – $6000 per year. It is advised to check the college website for more details on fees.

Admission process in Georgia

The admission process in any of the medical universities in Georgia is quite a simple and hassle-free procedure. There is no requirement for any entrance exam like IELTS or TOEFL. For getting admission into any of the colleges, a student must be of 17 years of age and must have cleared 12th standard with 50% marks with Physics, chemistry, and biology as the main subjects and the medium of education should be English.

The candidate must also have a qualified NEET score. The application form should accompany all the mark sheets and necessary documents such as birth certificate, passport copy, migration certificate, bank statements, and medical reports and should be sent to the university.

Once the university is shortlisting the candidate, he/she receives a letter of acceptance by the university, and after payment of fee, he gets the visa.

Study MBBS in Georgia

Studying MBBS in Georgia is an easy process and also affordable. Students can also pay fees in installments. Students need not take any entrance exams for getting admission into any of the colleges in Georgia, Valid NEET score, and 12th-grade marks are enough. The living experiences are also very less in the country.

Students can appear for screening tests by MCI or USME, after completion of their MBBS course, which allows them to pursue PG or take up a job in any of renowned medical institutions or hospitals in the world.

Georgia offers a very safe and friendly environment for international students from all over the world. Students get international exposure through practical and seminars conducted by each university.


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