Belarus, formerly known as Byelorussia or Belorussia, is officially the Republic of Belarus is a country in Europe and shares its border with Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, and Latvia. The capital of the state is Minsk. The city is equipped with forests, swamps, rivers, and lakes.
The economy of Belarus stands 72nd in the world. The country is famous for sweets, and it is said that they have mountains formed by the mining of rock salt; these artificial salt mountains are amazing to see.

About Belarus

  • Education

The education system in Belarus is divided into three levels, Primary school, Basic school, and secondary school. Basic education is mandatory for every child. After completion of primary education, students can go for the third stage of education, which is 11th and 12th grade, vocational courses, or technicism.

The higher education comprises of Classical University, Profile University and Institute. The courses are generally of 4-6 years. A candidate is free to choose a morning class, evening class, or distance education based on his/her interest.

Belarus has the highest student ratio when compared to other states in Europe. They even have adult education programs for adults who want to continue their studies or want to improve their qualifications. The country has numerous educational institutions and provides equal rights for citizens of Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Tajikistan. The university in Belarus offers world-class education and facilities for all the students and provides a safe and friendly environment for students from all over the world. Belarus, with its emphasis on domestic and international activities for students, is becoming an education center for many students.

  • Religion and Languages

The main religion in Belarus is Christianity; however, there are many other religions in the country, which include Roman Catholics, Protestants, Jews, and Muslims. There are numerous orthodox churches in Belarus, it can be said that Orthodox is the principle religion in Belarus. Other religion people reside in Belarus, which includes Judaism, Islam, Greek Catholicism, and Neopaganism.

The official language of Belarus is Belarusian, along with the Russian language. Apart from that, the majority of people speak English as a part of communication. Apart from these, people also speak Polish, Eastern Yiddish, and Ukrainian.

Why MBS in Belarus

Belarus is one of the most chosen destinations for students who want to pursue MBBS in abroad or foreign country. Belarus has some decent university’s that offer MBBS for international students to study MBBS in Belarus. Belarus can be said as the ultimate destination for studying medicine, and the medical education acquired there has excellent value. The degree is approved worldwide and is recognized by WHO, MCI, and other renowned medical bodies all over the world.

The cost of MBBS in Belarus is affordable, which makes it a favorite destination for many international students.  A candidate who is qualified from any university in Belarus is capable of practicing anywhere in the world. He/she can set up practice in Belarus, in their home country, or anywhere in the world.

University Grades for MBBS in Belarus

The grading system of MBBS in Belarus is based on the 10 point grading scale. Where 1 and 2 are considered as failure in school, and 3 is considered as fail in Higher education.

The scenario of MBBS in Belarus

Getting admission into MBBS in Belarus is an easy process. There is no need for any entrance exam or donations. All of the colleges are MCI Approved, and there is a 100% visa guarantee for any student who fulfills the admission criteria. The tuition fees are lower as compared to India and other European countries.

The MBBS degree acquired by a student is recognized globally, and the candidate can work anywhere in the world or pursue higher education wherever he/she wishes to. The candidate is also eligible for entrance exams conducted by MCI, USMES, SCHS, and PMDC, etc.

Scholarships for MBBS in the best Medical Colleges of Belarus

Belarus universities offer scholarships for eligible students. Government and private educational institutions offer scholarships. A student is required to check the college website for more details on scholarships.

Medical Syllabus in Belarus

The university in Belarus offers Medical programs that are of high quality under the supervision of dedicated and well-qualified professors. The courses include General medicine – 6 years, Dentistry – 5 years, Pharmacy – 5 years, and preventive medicine – 6 years.

The subjects include General Histology, Anatomy, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Pathology, Forensic medicine and toxicology, Dermatology and Venereology, Surgery, etc.

Fee Structure of Top-Ranked MBBS Institutes in Belarus

The fee structure varies anywhere from $4000 to $5000, depending upon the college. It is advised to check the college website for a detailed fee structure and other details.

Admission process in Belarus

The admission is pretty simple and easy for international students in Belarus; a candidate does not have to take IELTS or TOEFL for getting admission into a college. A student must be 17 years of age and must have completed 12th standard with a specialization in science. The subjects in 12th grade must be Chemistry and Biology and have secured 55% marks. A candidate must have a qualified score of NEET.

The student must submit all the necessary documents along with passport, birth certificate, migration certificate, bank statements, and medical reports along with the application form. Once the candidate gets the letter admission letter, the candidate has to pay the fee and fulfill other formalities, after all these formalities visa is issued to the student.

Study in Belarus

MBBS in Belarus is the right decision for any candidate as it allows making a career in the field of medicine at an affordable cost. The living expenses are also quite affordable in Belarus. A student has a chance to acquire a globally recognized degree at a much cheaper rate as compared to other European countries.

The admission process is pretty simple and hassles free at Belarus Universities. WHO and MCI approve all the medical colleges. There is complete safety for international students, and colleges provide a pleasant environment.

The colleges and hostels are equipped with all modern amenities and vegetarian food for Indian students. Students get a chance to work in hospitals and clinics that are well equipped with all modern amenities.


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