Armenia is a nation between Asia and Europe; it is the former Soviet Republic. The country is surrounded Turkey, Iran, Georgia, and Azerbaijan. Armenia is said to have a history longer than most of the European counties and is a land of mountains and extinct volcanoes.
The capital of Armenia is Yerevan. The country is a confusing location as it lies between Europe and Asia and is the unofficial border between two continents. The National symbol of Armenia is the Snow Capped Mount Ararat, which is considered sacred by many Armenians. Armenia is a mediocre country and striving hard to develop itself.

About Armenia

  • Education

The public education system in Armenia is divided into four parts Preprimary, Primary, Intermediate, and Senior. Public schooling is compulsory and free until the age of sixteen. After this point, students can go for vocational courses, which is generally a two-year course or higher education provided by both public and private institutions. It further is divided into a bachelor’s – four-year course, Masters – two-year course, and postgraduate – two-year course.

Armenia has over more than 1, 00,000 educational institutions, and education plays a significant role in the country. Higher education is available in various spheres such as physics, Engineering, Medicine, Information technology, etc. International students have welcomed at all major universities and are given a safe and friendly environment.

Both public and private sectors handle the education; individual universities are under an intergovernmental agreement between Armenia and other counties. Armenia recognizes the importance of education for its citizens and strives to provide proper education facilities for everyone, including international students. The country aims at providing high-quality education with appropriate facilities for everyone who comes to study in the country.

  • Religion and Language

The main religion followed in Armenia is Christianity; most of the population has a strong connection to Apostolic Church. Armenia is considered as the first country to have recognized Christianity as its official religion. Apart from this, the population also consists of Muslims, Judaism, and Yazidism.

The official language of Armenia is Armenian, which is spoken by the majority of the population. Russian is another popular language spoken in Armenia, apart from English, French, and Greek. Kurmanji is the language spoken by the Yazidi minority.

Why MBBS in Armenia

Armenia has become a favorite destination among students who want to pursue MBBS at a lower cost or MBBS in Abroad. The country offers affordable medical education for international students, with modern infrastructure and well-equipped laboratories. The admission process is also more accessible than in other European countries. A student does not have to take any entrance test for getting admission into the college.

The universities are MCI, and WHO recognized which makes it easier for students to work anywhere in the world after successful completion of their course, also they are eligible for the MCI screening test.

University Grades for MBBS in Armenia

The grading system in Armenia is based on points that range from 0 -20. A student receiving grade 18-20 is considered as Excellent, 13-17 as good, 8-12 as pass, anything below this is considered as fail.

The scenario of MBBS in Armenia

Getting admission into MBBS in Armenia is an easy process. Students from all over the world come to Armenia to study MBBS. The cost of the course is much cheaper as compared to other European and Western countries, and living expenses are also very pocket-friendly.

Armenia follows the modern teaching methods, and all the colleges are well equipped with all the modern facilities. Students get all kinds of exposure through seminars and other activities. There are various exchange programs for students in universities. Also, internship programs in all major hospitals and clinics are available. It helps students in getting maximum theoretical and practical exposure in their respective fields.

Scholarships for MBBS in the best Medical Colleges of Armenia

Students who do well in their academics, but cannot afford high tuition fees are eligible for scholarships and grants in all the major universities in Armenia. A candidate is advised to check the college website for more details regarding the scholarships.

Medical Syllabus in Armenia

The duration of the MBBS course in Armenia is six years, depending upon the course a student chooses, MBBS is for six years, MD- Six years, Dentistry – five years, Pharmacy – four years, Nursing – four years.

The first three years of the course includes all the basic subjects such as Biochemistry, Anatomy, Physiology, Microbiology, Pharmacology, etc. The last two years include Oncology, Internal Medicine, Psychology, General Surgery, Gynecology, ENT, etc.

Fee Structure of Top-Ranked MBBS Institutes in Armenia

The fees for MBBS in Armenia costs anywhere from $3000 to $4000 per year, depending upon the college. A student is advised to visit the individual college website for more details of fee structure.

Admission process in Armenia

For securing admission into any medical college in Armenia, a student must be of 17 years of age, must have cleared 10+2 with 55% marks with English, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as major subjects. The candidate must have a qualified NEET score. A candidate need not take any other entrance exam.

The candidate must submit all the necessary documents along with application form before the due date to the college, once the college shortlists the candidate, he/she would receive the letter of acceptance from the college.

Study in Armenia

Studying in Armenia will not only give international exposure for a student but will also prepare him/her to work anywhere in the world, or set up practice in Armenia itself. The cost involved is much affordable and cheaper than in other countries.

The colleges provide a safe and friendly environment for international students; the majority of students who join colleges in Armenia are from India. The admission process is quite simple, and getting a visa is easier in Armenia, universities offer International scholarships for students.

Studying MBBS in Armenia guarantees opportunities for career growth and exposure to various practical and theoretical aspects of the subjects. A student can join as an intern in any of the hospitals or clinics and can set up his career there.


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