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China Three Gorges University is located in Yichang City, Hubei province, China. It is located at the mouth of the Xiling Gorge, one of the Three Gorges. The campus occupies 200 hectares, and the total building area comprises 830,000 m2. The libraries consist of 2,000,000 volumes.

Located in the Yichang City, Hubei.

Lowest temperature in January 5.1o

Highest temperature in July28.5o

Hubei Provincial Scholarship Programs for Undergraduates

GTGU Scholarship Programs for Undergraduates

Nutritious and hygienically prepared food available in the college.  All vegetables available in India are also available in China.

Students can cook the food themselves; some of college/university have Indian vegetarian mess for details please contact PIEC office.

Medium of InstructionEligibilityDegreeDormitory
English. Study of Chinese language compulsory in the 1st year which can be extended or as applicable as per the university norms. This is for facilitating effective interaction during clinical period and comfortable stay. Passing of the HSK (Chinese) is mandatory. HSK level as per the University requirement.
  1. 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry and Biology
  2. Must qualify the NEET exam if you are process from India.
  3. Admission will be based on high school credentials, NEET score and Interview (If applicable). for percentage and NEET score criteria and further details you may contact at PIEC office
Degree Conferred as: MBBS

Duration: 5 years Studies and 1 year Internship. Internship may be done either in the university or in the home country as per the home country government rules and regulations.

Spacious and comfortable dormitories provided on a Twin/Three/Four Sharing or single dorm room, A/C, Internet & Attached Bath etc. Separate rooms/dormitory for boys and girls. Shops are located inside and outside the campus making it very convenient for students.

China Three Gorges University is located in Yichang City, Hubei province, China. It is located at the mouth of the Xiling Gorge, one of the Three Gorges. The campus occupies 200 hectares, and the total building area comprises 830,000 m2. The libraries consist of 2,000,000 volumes.China Three Gorges University is famous for its influence in hydroelectric engineering and electrical engineering. Since 2012, the university have recruited over 23,299 full-time undergraduates, 2,040 postgraduate and 1048 foreign students. Instituting a group of key subjects (key laboratories) at the provincial and state level, and doctoral and master programs, CTGU is becoming a rising star among thousands of Chinese University.


  • History 

Having been approved by the Ministry of Education, China Three Gorges University was founded in June 29, 2000, comprising the former Wuhan University of Hydraulic and Electric Engineering/Yichang and the former Hubei Sanxia College. The history of China Three Gorges University can be dated back to 1946, while the bachelor education started from 1978, and the postgraduate and international student education began from 1996. China Three Gorges University has the qualification to confer the degrees of bachelor, master and doctor, and to recruit international students of CSC scholarship. Moreover, the Ministry of Water Resources and the People’s Government of Hubei Province signed agreements in 2009 to build China Three Gorges University in joint effort. Besides, China Three Gorges University was awarded with “Advanced unit of opening up” by Hubei Provincial government in 2010; and was awarded with “Demonstration base of international student education” in 2014. By now, China Three Gorges University has become an comprehensive university with characteristic features of prominent discipline advantage, hydropower resources and great social reputation.

  • Discipline and programs 

China Three Gorges University puts emphasis on the development of the key disciplines and key laboratories, improves its organizational structure, and eventually forms five subject groups including hydroelectric energy engineering, hazard protection and environment, information technology and control engineering, the Three Gorges culture and tourism, and life science and biological technology. Now the university endeavors to develop the education of postgraduates and to improve the level of teaching, scientific research, and administration. China Three Gorges University consists of 29 colleges, 70 undergraduate programs covering nine fields including science, engineering, medicine, arts, economics, management, law, education and fine arts. There are 5 national-level characteristic disciplines for undergraduates; 10 provincial-level branded disciplines for undergraduates; 7 disciplines selected as the installment of “A plan for Educating and Training Outstanding Engineers” by the Ministry of Education, 8 disciplines taught in English. There are 2 primary-discipline doctoral programs, 20 primary-discipline master’s degree programs and 169 secondary-discipline master’s degree programs. There are 12 professional master’s degree programs in engineering, business administration (MBA), translation and interpretation (MTI), etc. There are 11 provincial key primary-discipline programs.

  • Academic facilities and Scientific research 

China Three Gorges University has 1 national level experimental teaching demonstration center, 2 national level Engineering practice education centers, 1 national wild scientific observation research station of landslide in the Three Gorges area, Hubei Province, 1 key laboratory of the Ministry of Education in the Three Gorges reservoir area, 1 engineering technology research center of the Ministry of Education in geological disaster of the Three Gorges reservoir area, 1 ecology and environment engineering technology center of the Ministry of Education in the Three Gorges reservoir area, 1 collaborative innovation center, 2 former key laboratories of State Power Corporation on hydropower station simulation and geotechnical study, 5 provincial and ministerial-level key laboratories on disaster prevention and reduction, construction and management of hydraulic project, design and maintenance of mechanical equipment, research and utilization of natural product, etc. China Three Gorges University takes advantage of the location and endeavors to serve the hydroelectric industry, local economic and social development by implementing the principle of combining production, study and research. In recent 5 years, the university has undertaken and completed 1679 research items at all kinds of levels, and achieved a number of science and technology achievements, which reach the international level and first-class national level, especially in the construction of the Three Gorges Project and the development of Qingjiang River.

  • Great achievements 

From 2010 to 2014, Three Gorges University has undertaken and completed more than 4500 research items at all kinds of levels. Among those projects, total up to nearly 560 are the national key projects, “973 Plan” projects, “863 Plan” projects, National Natural Science Fund, the national social science fund projects, the national soft science research projects, the national science and technology major items key scientific research projects. The cumulative project funds reach 9.5 million CNY. More than 110 items of scientific research achievements won the provincial and ministerial level and above reward, two projects won the second prize of national science and technology progress; 9 projects won the first prize, 29 projects won second prize, 38 projects won third prize of provincial and ministerial science and Technology Award; 3 projects won the first prize, 5 projects won the second prize, 26 projects won the third prize of the provincial and ministerial level social science award. Three Gorges University won 110 items of authorized invention patents; published monographs, translations, teaching more than 530 departments; published accumulated more than 9700 academic papers. More than 1000 technical development achievements are applied in hydropower project construction, disaster prevention, dam monitoring, slope greening, engineering management, ecological environment protection, bio chemical, medical and health, tourism planning and other industry field.In September 2014, the project “Deformation and failure mechanism of reservoir bank slope under complicated conditions and its protection” presided over by Professor Li Jianlin of Three Gorges University was approved for the Natural Science Foundation of the key projects funded, the total expenditure reached 381 million CNY, This is the provincial colleges and universities in Hubei province for the first time to get funding in such project categories.

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