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Ningxia Medical University, with the previous name as Ningxia Medical College, was founded in the year of 1958. In 2008,with the approval of the Ministry of Education, it was promoted to a comprehensive medical university.

Located in the Yinchuan city, Ningxia.

Lowest temperature in January -7o

Highest temperature in July 25o

Scholarship of Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Government

Scholarship of Ningxia Medical University

Nutritious and hygienically prepared food available in the college.  All vegetables available in India are also available in China.

Students can cook the food themselves; some of college/university have Indian vegetarian mess for details please contact PIEC office.

Medium of InstructionEligibilityDegreeDormitory
English. Study of Chinese language compulsory in the 1st year which can be extended or as applicable as per the university norms. This is for facilitating effective interaction during clinical period and comfortable stay. Passing of the HSK (Chinese) is mandatory. HSK level as per the University requirement.
  1. 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry and Biology
  2. Must qualify the NEET exam if you are process from India.
  3. Admission will be based on high school credentials, NEET score and Interview (If applicable). for percentage and NEET score criteria and further details you may contact at PIEC office
Degree Conferred as: MBBS

Duration: 5 years Studies and 1 year Internship. Internship may be done either in the university or in the home country as per the home country government rules and regulations.

Spacious and comfortable dormitories provided on a Twin/Three/Four Sharing or single dorm room, A/C, Internet & Attached Bath etc. Separate rooms/dormitory for boys and girls. Shops are located inside and outside the campus making it very convenient for students.
Ningxia Medical University, with the previous name as Ningxia Medical College, was founded in the year of 1958. In 2008,with the approval of the Ministry of Education, it was promoted to a comprehensive medical university. Being the unique higher learning medical institution in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region, Ningxia Medical University is located in Yinchuan, the capital city referred to as A pearl beyond the Great Wall in the Northwest. In its over 50 years development, the university has seen its tremendous progress and enforcement in specialty development, infrastructure, teaching staff, teaching and research level etc. Nowadays it has become a higher learning medical institution with coordinated development in its scale, construction, quality and efficiency, and is quite influential and popular among the same-leveled higher learning medical schools.


·         History

In September 1958, Ningxia Medical University was founded. In October 1962, the former Ningxia Medical College, Ningxia Agricultural College and Ningxia Normal College were incorporated into Ningxia University, and Ningxia Medical College was renamed as School of Medicine of Ningxia University. In May 1972, Shanghai Railway Medical College moved to Yinchuan, and combined with School of Medicine of Ningxia University to rebuild Ningxia Medical College. In March 1980, Ningxia Medical College was approved for recruiting 1200 students by the State Council, including postgraduate, undergraduate, advanced students and premed students. Ningxia Medical College began to recruit postgraduate for the first time. In November 2002, Ningxia Medical College, Ningxia Health School and Ningxia Nursing School were incorporated into new Ningxia Medical College. In October 2006, the college passed the undergraduate teaching proficiency assessment of Ministry of Education.

In September 2008, the college was renamed as Ningxia Medical University on the fiftieth anniversary. In February 2012, Ningxia Medical University was approved for construction of Doctorial Degree Conferring Unit In April 2010; the university was awarded the honorary title of the first 50 national typical universities with graduate employment experience. In March 2011, Ministry of Education approved that Shandong University and Ningxia Medical University were brought into the project of counterpart support to western institutions of higher learning. Shandong University has established counterpart assistance relationship with our university. In December 2011, the university won the title of National Civilized Unit. In July 2012, the university won the title of national advanced basic-level Party organization for the best performance.

·         Discipline and program

Ningxia Medical University offers 6 levels of teaching programs for the postgraduates, undergraduates, three-year training students, adult education students, higher vocational technological education students and secondary specialized students As a comprehensive medical school, Ningxia Medical University covers the majors of Western Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Pharmacy and other medical specialties; and has 3 levels of teaching programs for the postgraduates, undergraduates and three-year training students. The university consists of 17 secondary schools, 10 teaching & scientific research assistant departments, 10 affiliated hospitals, 12 teaching hospitals, and over 90 training hospitals & field practice bases as well. The university offers 17 undergraduate majors and 8 first-level disciplines conferring the Master’s Degree. It can confer the Bachelor’s Degree and Master’s Degree for medicine, science and management.

·         Academic facilities and scientific research

The Affiliated Hospital of Ningxia Medical University covers an area of 110 000 square meters Today the hospital has 1244 ward s and a staff of over 2000. Among them 1389 are technical personnel, including 274 high-leveled professionals 454 mid – level professionals. The Dept of cardiovascular medicine & surgery neurological medicine & surgery tumor medicine & surgery burns healing, X – ray radiotherapy etc. have the best technical forces in the Region. The hospital can perform some very complicated operations, such as open 1~art surgery, cardiac valve replacement and transplantation, excision of cerebral, kidney transplants replantation of severed limbs fingers and toes removal of vertebral discs,. with discscope etc Some of the operations are new initiatives in the Region some of thesn~ming up to the national standards. In 1996 the hospital evaluated as the first one to reach the highest level among the third – grade hospitals.

The College has 3 teaching hospitals as well as over 20 preventative medicine stations and hospitals in towns and other cities that provide the basis for the intern practice of students


  • Achievement

In recent five years, Ningxia Medical University has more than 1893 varied scientific research projects approved, with more than 120 million Yuan applied for total projects. It has gained great breakthroughs in major science and technology projects, like national “973” plan, science and technology support program, new medicine development, etc. There are 219 National Natural Science Foundation projects approved from 2008 till now, and 10 National Social Science Foundation projects approved within three years from scratch. It has also achieved 78 provincial science and technology progress prizes, published 385 SCI papers, and published 40 academic books.

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