To date, the booming career of students and their rate of success have made us the arch education consultant in India for Medical, Technical and Management education. We offer a wide range of services to our students such as:


We help students choose the course and institution that matches with their academic, employment and financial background. We also take into consideration their career objectives.


Personal counseling:

Self-assessment, identifying your needs and choosing wisely. Admission counseling is the first and most important step leading to a proper gateway to career counseling. PIEC counselors have the latest information about the countries, universities, admission criteria, admission acceptance rates, admission committee expectations and merits scale of the prominent schools, colleges and universities.

Counseling as per students and parents need and budget, we don't deal in a single university, we are working with 10+ countries with multiple universities.

Admission assistance:

The long, challenging and often stressful process of admission is hard on students. Our counselor steps into the role of a friend, guide and encourager when the going gets tough. We give the complete admission related hassle-free assistance, we suggest the university on the basis of student’s marks, parent’s budget and keep other aspects according to student and parents. We Provide complete assistance as we promise at the time of counseling.

We strive for providing a complete hassle free admission process, right from counseling to seat confirmation.


PIEC counselor provides as insight into life of the country you are going to ; help you with the passport, visa, bank accounts, forex, accommodation, documentation proceedings immigration clearance, pre-departure schedules for the of students arrival. Apart from this director visits the students to interact and take care of them and sought out their issues if any. Also the academic performance is taken care of and timely reports are being sent to the parents by our counselor on student’s attendance, academic performance to keep the parents aware.


PIEC provides post enrollment services, we take care of provideing smooth travel arrangements, our coordinator goes with students drop them at the university and complete the entire process related to his/her admission, and we are not with the students till his/her completion of course, we are with the students after the course also, we provide guidance and preparation for examination related to further study, like for medical students we provides MCI screening test/FMGE, NEET-PG coaching at affordable cost and USMLE guidance and online test series support.



Detailed Personal Counselling by PIEC expert coordinator
(Discussion as per the best study trends, Budget and other important aspects)


• Starts Visa Process after the university confirmation
• Medical from India for the Visa process
• All the needed formalities done by the PIEC
• MCI related formalities
• Travel arrangements
• Basic introductive guidance/classes
• Get-together of all students and parents (MEDICO-MEET)
• PIEC Scholarship and Scholar award – Top 2 candidates (Medico-Meet)


• PIEC coordinator will go with the students
• Assist students from Indian airport
• Immigration clearance assistance
• After the reach destination country, PIEC manage transportation to the University
• Lunch/Dinner on the arrival day
• Introduction to local staff
• Hostel arrangements
• University registration
• SIM card assistance
• Bank account assistance
• Local market shopping
• Introductive demo for understand the local transportation and other things


• Admission letter from the finalized university
• All formalities and documentation by PIEC
• Fee amount deposited to the respective University bank account
• Admission / seat confirmation


• PIEC provides books/notes
• 400+ hour video lecturer
• Bag
• Apron
• Stethoscope


• Any kind of emergency support
• Every time required assistance by local staff
• Get-together in India in first vacation
• Online test series support
• Online Video lecturers
• USMLE and other exams guidance
• Internship support
• MCI related formalities assistance
• MCI/FMGE coaching - (not mandatory, depends on the student)
• NEET-PG coaching- (not mandatory, depends on the student)