"Sir 1 passed the exam... Thank you so much sir... your coaching and advices were very helpful... Thanks a lot again Sir "

Vishmaya menon

"Sir passed mci with 194 marks, Thanks for your Guidance and support "

Amana T Sayed

"Thank You so much sir..... Im very grateful to hav u and aman and vikash sir as my teachers sir... its all bcoz of ur guidance sir..."

Vishnu Prabha

"Thank u so much sir we got excellent teachers in afmg... only because of that it was possible for us to achieve it in 1st attempt... sir, u made biochem so simple for us... will never forget ur teaching and guidance... thanku so much sir "

Aji Staffina

"Thank You very much sir. could not have done it without your effort and guidance. I wouldn't have known bch well without your notes. Really appreciate what you have done for us. Thank You Again "

Abinaya Baskaran

"As for biochem, I have no suggestions at all sir... It is one of the very few subjects for which I had given full marks when vikas sir asked us to rate the subjects, the others being Ortho, Ophthalmology and Dermatology... "

Gopika Krishnan

"Thank you so much sir I never ever meet teacher like you I really like your teaching skills hope in future i can get your guidance... "

Dr.Savan Patel

"Thanks alot Sir, The hard work you took for us, You made biochemistry so simple to understand... hats off to yo sir and your hard work. "


"Its been a privilege...to learn from you... you are just amazing...aapko dekh kar bahut positive energy milti hai sir....Thank you very much..."

Abhishek singh

"Thank You Sir! It wasn't possible without ur precious guidance in Biochemistry. you made biochemistry so easy that i confidently attend all que in Biochemistry... ans sir your mnemonics does helped me a lot. "

Vivek Patil

"Hello Sir Thanku you so much I am so glad to have great teacher like you and all others in afmg. and very very thankful for the support you sir you just made biochem one of my favourite Subject "

Rumi Das

"Thank you sir... Since I gothru theory, wen I have no idea about D question I followed Ur tips to rule d options sir... I got to know how to choose how to omit option from u sir... thanku for ur support sir... "


"And Of Course bcz of your motivation n way u teached us thanks a lot sirr u made the unfav sub fav"

Rashmi Solunke

"Thank you so so so much sir ye sab apke gueidence ki wjah se hi possible hua he....."

Dr Sudarshan Pilwal

"Thanks alot sir the test series of Urs realy helpd alot!! Wonderful teacher Form. Afmg"

Sanofer Akbar

"Thank You Sir, It's your best notes and encouragement who made us possible to achieve it

Rahul Rahate

"Thank you so much sir !!! nd Thank u for teaching biochemistry really well... If not for u I wud Hav never even studied d subject"

Seraphim David